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Grinder Pumps

Baldwin & Mobile County Grinder Pump Repair & Replacement


Think of your grinder pump like a “garbage disposal for your sewer.” It grinds up the sewage that flows from your home and pushes it out to the sewer line.
If your home is lower than the sewer system, grinds up the sewage that flows from your home and pushes it “uphill” to the main sewer line.

The main benefit is that paper and other debris that gets flushed are ground down and flows more efficiently, avoiding clogs in your pipes.

Grinder pumps are usually located in a wastewater holding tank that’s buried on your property. You might not be able to see the pump underground, but you can listen for clues that something might be going wrong.

You might need grinder pump service if:

  • The motor turns on and off every few minutes
  • The pump won’t start – or won’t shut off at all
  • The pump trips a breaker when it starts
  • It gives you a visual or audible alarm

Whether your grinder pump needs repair or replacement, you can count on the licensed, insured professionals at Hero’s Plumbing Repair for fast, efficient installation and maintenance at fair, affordable pricing.

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